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Responsive Texas lawyer provides astute representation in a wide variety of criminal defense matters

Simply being charged with a crime can negatively impact your job, your family’s wellbeing and destroy your reputation. At Kodie Law — Law Office of Warren Diepraam, LLC in Sugar Land, I represent clients throughout Southeast Texas in criminal defense issues and am skilled at effectively challenging law enforcement allegations and prosecutor claims. Having fought for the accused since 1992, I can quickly and accurately assess the case against you and develop a thorough and compelling defense strategy. Whether you were held for DUI, charged with aggravated assault or interrogated on suspicion of domestic violence, I will take decisive action to protect your interests and work tirelessly to obtain a fair outcome.

Determined advocate helps Southeast Texas residents strongly contest criminal charges

Criminal convictions can cost you your freedom, leave you with substantial fines and take away important rights. I know how overwhelming the criminal justice system can be and am dedicated to delivering aggressive criminal defense representation to Southeast Texas residents in the following types of cases:

  • Federal criminal defense — Being investigated or charged with a federal criminal offense such as embezzlement or another white collar crime puts your future at risk. I am familiar with handling cases at this level and will protect your freedom at every step.
  • Violent crimes — Being accused of a violent crime like assault, domestic violence or even homicide can cost you everything. I understand the gravity and complexity of these charges and will mount the strongest possible defense.
  • Drug crimes — I am skilled at challenging the prosecution’s evidence in cases involving drug crimes and will work tirelessly to expose any weaknesses in their case.
  • DUI/DWI — Fighting an intoxicated driving charge may appear futile. However, the law offers many ways to challenge DUI/DWI cases, and I will fully investigate the validity of your arrest.
  • Vehicular homicide — Instances of reckless driving, racing or driving on a suspended license can all be classified as vehicular homicide under Texas law if someone dies. These cases are often complex, and I will strongly assert every available defense and mitigating factor to support you.
  • Gun and weapons crimes — Texas criminalizes the possession and use of a wide variety of weapons. I take every gun and weapons crime case seriously and will fight for a positive outcome.

I also help those who are eligible file for an expungement of their criminal record so that they can get a fresh start after serving their time.

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At Kodie Law — Law Office of Warren Diepraam, LLC, I represent clients throughout Southeast Texas in a broad range of criminal defense issues. Call 303-330-0470 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Sugar Land office.

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